What do Roses Symbolise?

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Of all the beautiful flowers on the planet, roses are among the most beloved. It’s estimated that they have been around for about 35 million years and it is believed that ancient Persians and Asians were the first civilizations to cultivate these flowers. During the 18th century, roses made their way into Europe, but by then, a strong, deep romantic and spirituality had been attached to the flowers; in fact, red roses are affiliated with Aphrodite, the Greek goddess of love. According to ancient mythology, rose bushes magically grew out of the ground where Aphrodite’s tears fell as she wept over the blood of her slain lover, Adonis. When the Romans adopted Aphrodite, they changed her name to Venus, they still maintained that the rose symbolized the goddess’ love and beauty.

In addition to being a symbol of love and beauty, roses have also been used as a natural healing tool. The flowers have antibacterial properties and can be mixed with water to create an antiseptic. Additionally, the beautiful fragrance that roses emit has long been used to create aromatic perfumes and lotions.

Today, roses are just as popular and beloved as they were millions of years ago. There are more than 30,000 varieties, including a combination of organic species, as well as hybrids. They come in a wide range of colours, from snow white to crimson red, and even fuchsia, lavender, and so much more.

Whether you love roses yourself or they’re the favourite flower of someone special in your life, if you’re interested in learning more about roses, read on to learn about their history, significance, the meaning that’s been attached to the breath-taking colours, as well as why roses always make a wonderful gift.


What do Roses Symbolise?

Roses have held rich cultural significance for millennia. Records that date back to 500 BC indicate that ancient Confucius wrote about growing these beautiful flowers in the Imperial Gardens. Records also mention that the library of the emperor was filled with hundreds of books about roses. Gardeners of the Han dynasty cultivated roses, too.

Roses have also been significant in Western cultures for millennia. As mentioned, they symbolise Aphrodite, the goddess of love and beauty, as the ancient Greeks claimed that roses grew out of the ground that her tears fell on as she wept for her lover, Adonis. As a result of this association, roses still symbolise love and beauty today.

While they are certainly a symbol of love and beauty, roses are also said to symbolise secrecy and confidentiality. The term “sub-rosa”, which originated in ancient Rome and translates to “under the rose”, came to be because they would display roses from the ceilings of their banquet halls and anything that was discussed under the roses and the influence of wine in these banquet halls, was to stay classified. Roses were also cherished by the Ancient Egyptians, as rose petals have been found in multiple tombs and paintings of the flowers were discovered in the tomb of Thutmose IV, the pharaoh who ruled during the 18th dynasty.

In the 15th century, the rose symbolised the English civil wars. The red rose was used to represent the House of Lancaster, and the white rose represented the House of York. Eventually, the red and white rose were combined together to create a single rose. Today, the Tudor Rose represents the Rose of England, which remains one of the most prominent symbols of the United Kingdom.

In Catalonia, Spain, on St. George Day, which falls on April 23, people present their loved ones with red roses as a symbol of their love. Red roses also represent love and passion, and bouquets that are made up of even numbers of roses are associated with mourning and are reserved for grieving. White rose represent condolences in Germany, and in Wales, they symbolise innocence and silence and are commonly placed on the graves of small children.


What do Different Colour Roses Symbolise?

The rose symbolizes many things in various cultures. However, it isn’t just the colour that holds meaning, as specific-coloured roses are considered symbolic, too. If you want to send roses to someone as a gift, consider the symbolism and meaning that has been linked the different colours of roses to help you determine which colour to choose.

  • Red roses have long represented love, passion, and desire. The amount of red roses given to someone is also said to have different meanings; for example, a single long-stemmed red rose is said to reflect love at first sight, while a bouquet or red roses is supposed to represent a declaration of love.
  • As mentioned above, in Wales, white roses symbolize innocence and purity, and they’re regarded to symbolize the same meaning throughout the world. They’re also said to represent new beginnings, which is why they are commonly used at wedding ceremonies to represent the new journey the couple is about to embark on.
  • There are various shades of pink roses, and each one is said to have its own meaning. For example, light pink roses are said to represent happiness, admiration, grace, and gentleness, making this colour the perfect choice to celebrate friendship and young love. Deep pink roses, on the other hand, symbolize gratitude and friendship.
  • During the Victorian age, yellow roses were used to symbolize jealousy, infidelity, and conflict. Fortunately, yellow roses are no longer associated with negative sentiment; now, they are a symbol of warmth, care, and friendship. If you’re looking for a gift to celebrate friendship, yellow roses in a box would be a perfect choice.
  • If you want to spread positive energy or show your enthusiasm or passion for a loved one, an orange rose box would do the trick. That’s because orange roses communicate positive energy.
  • Roses of this colour are said to convey love, enchantment, and adoration, and it’s easy to see why, as the hue is rare and captivating. If you want to express your appreciation or really impress someone special, opt for a lavender rose box.
  • Perhaps the most unique colour of all roses is green, and many different meanings have been attached to green roses. Perhaps the most significant meaning that green roses are said to convey is hope and fertility. They also stand for rejuvenation and cheerfulness, making them a wonderful choice for Mother’s Day flowers.

Why do Roses Make a Great Gift?

Whether it’s a birthday, an anniversary, a holiday, or just to show your heartfelt appreciation, if you’re looking for a meaningful gift to give someone special, rose in a box is a wonderful choice. Why? – Not only because they are beautiful and create a striking display, but because there are so many beautiful colours and they symbolize an array of sentiments. For example, surprising your girlfriend or wife with a rose box filled with an array of long-stemmed red roses, you’ll be sure to make her swoon; or, if you want to give your best friend a gift just to let her know how much you appreciate her, lavender flowers in a box delivery certainly do the job.

No matter the reason, the colour, or the amount, roses are a gift that anyone would be certain to love. And If you’re looking to give a rose gift, our flowers in a box delivery service, Velvet Rose, is the perfect gift for any occasion to that special someone.