Mother’s Day Gift Ideas In 2021


Mother’s Day is fast approaching and there are many incredible Mother’s Day gift ideas in 2021 that you can choose from. Not only from us here at Velvet Rose but some other intrinsic ideas that we think are absolutely fantastic. So, sit back, relax and prepare to read some of the best Mother’s Day gifts that you will come across this year!


Artificial Multi-Coloured Roses Gift Box

We wouldn’t be writing this article without promoting some of our incredible Mother’s Day Gifts. Our very own artificial multi-coloured rose gift box is a great idea for Mother’s Day as there isn’t a lady alive who doesn’t appreciate roses, especially, since they are artificial any allergies will be taken away! You have a choice as to which three colours you would like as well as three brilliant sizes to choose from when it comes to this rose gift box. Equally, you can always purchase our non-artificial roses which are an absolute beauty in your living room. Why not get the box engraved with your mum’s name? that is always something nice to have and show around to visitors.

Floral Heart Cushion

What tells your mother that you love her more than a floral heart cushion as a Mother’s Day Gift which has a picture of you and her, or perhaps even your family. On the back of the cushion, you could have her name engraved or “Mum” it is entirely up to you but it is a nice idea. We can all guess the reasoning behind the floral heart part of the title as it represents love for another person, however, you can chop and change it into any shape that you fancy in all honesty.


The Grand Rose & Ferrero Box

Another of our one of a kind Mother’s Day Gifts is the grand rose & Ferrero box. It is presented in a premium suede gift box, with a collection of Ferrero Rocher and a couple of handcrafted roses you’d be mad not to get one for your mother this Mother’s Day. With a choice of purple, white, red, pink and black roses there is a rose for every type of personality out there. You can even add a personalised tag with a messaged tied to the box in a heart shape if you would like!


Eternity Real Preserved Red Roses Gift Box

When it comes to a Mother’s Day gift you can’t get any better. With a choice of four colours for the roses and three for the gift box set, you will be blown away with quality of this product as it is bespoke handcrafted and specifically designed to impress! Being made with eco-friendly methods and staying garden fresh for up to three years, it’s no wonder that artificial roses are becoming the hottest Mother’s Day gift in 2021. Created without any unwanted chemicals or irritants, you can rest assured that this product is one hundred percent safe.

Nuts About Chocolate & Roses Small Gift Box

Roses & Chocolate Gift Box

If you have been stuck with the prospect of choosing between chocolates and roses then look no further as we have the solution for you. Both! Being our most popular option when it comes to our products this item comes with three different chocolates which includes Nutella, Ferrero Rocher and Lindor. You will also be given six hand crafted preserved faux roses which are a great gift even if you were to ordered them separated.


The Favourite Red Roses in A Box Bundle

This one of a kind products is presented in a premium branded black presentation box and is the ultimate luxury mother’s day gift. You have a choice between artificial red roses or real roses with this bundle box, as this is the perfect gift for Mother’s Day. Part of our bespoke collection of timeless luxury Mother’s Day gifts from us here at Velvet Rose. With a selection of delicious chocolates from Nutella, Lindor and Ferrero Rocher you can tell that this is one of the best Mother’s Day gifts that you will ever come across.

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