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Thinking About Becoming a Retail Partner?

Thanks for your interest in becoming a Velvet Rose Retail Partner.

Here at Velvet Rose, we are working to provide a more sustainable approach to the luxury gift market and a premium selection of bespoke fresh and crafted florals for private and commercial events, made with love in the UK – with Domestic and International Delivery available across Europe.

Velvet Rose already works with some of the leading names in the gifting and retail industry and are keen to welcome you aboard. However, due to our tailor-made approach, undertaken by our specialist team, we can now only provide limited spaces.

If you would like the opportunity to join Velvet Rose, Register your interest today by Contacting Us now.

But Why Should We Become A Velvet Rose Retailer?

Here are three great reasons to sign up as an official Velvet Rose Retailer.


Since launch day, our social media channels have seen exposure multiplying, with over 10,000 followers on Instagram alone. Our uniquely tailored and expertly crafted gift boxes have been snapped up with celebrities and Youtubers.

We also have a very successful brand ambassador programme of keen Rosettes spreading the word and the love. Find out more about our Rosettes by clicking here.


We recognise your passion and commitment to the gifting industry and want to celebrate your success. Partners will have the chance to sell exclusive products designed with their customer audience in mind, including unique colour combinations not available anywhere else including on our website. We are also aware that certain retailers like to work with specific price points; we are also able to work with retailers on designing and creating a product which looks great, designed for an occasion, hits a price point and ultimately delivers great profit margin.

You’ll access personalised and direct marketing opportunities, content calendars, and exclusive product promotions not available on our site, with our dedicated team working to create gifts synonymous with your brand’s identity.


By becoming a retail partner, you can instantly benefit from exclusive access and sales opportunities. We provide partners with the added convenience of bulk purchases at an agreed cost, the development of non-standard sales channels and an excellent service relationship with our dedicated retail team.

Existing retail partners enjoy large volumes of incremental sales by extended exposure. We can offer you custom shipping solutions, including sending products directly to your customers for added peace of mind. Leaving you free to focus on sales and marketing opportunities. Take advantage of unique promotions and offers to meet both corporate clients and consumers’ requirements.  We offer a convenient way to deliver our products directly to thus create a lasting, positive impression. Or as we put it: the gift of a lasting smile.


Still Not Convinced?

Becoming a retail partner is an investment, but it can really make a lasting difference to those keen to capitalise on the events and luxury gifts sectors. With the ever-growing need to network and connect with those dear to us, as Zoom calls and working from home replace traditional meetings, our growing portfolio offers a practical solution that adapts and listens to customers demands. Always ensuring your gifts are timeless, fresh and made with love and thoughtful consideration.

Gain New Customers for your Business

Our retail partnership scheme will help to drive new customers to your store and increase your footfall. By becoming a partner, we will provide you with key access to our complete portfolio of products before they become available on our site so that you can benefit from greater reach. Draw direct interest from the local community by being listed on our retailer directory, thus highlighting any new store openings, store revamps or exclusive offers to our corporate clients.

Uplift in Sales

Your business will have access to a greater revenue annually as the gift market grows and adapts, so do we. We strive hard to provide innovative and thoughtful gifts throughout the year, working with the best marketing and content calendars to pinpoint popular festivals and holidays ahead of time.

Whilst roses might seem an obvious choice on Valentine’s Day, there are plenty of opportunities to grow with other holidays that can help encourage your customers. For example, July 30 is the International Day of Friendship, and with our range of carefully crafted and chosen gifts, you can cater for this occasion and countless others. Uncap your chance to extend your reach and uplift sales ahead of the competition. By partnering with us, you will be working with a supplier that recognises the potential to provide gifts for all occasions and budgets.

Register Your Interest

To register your interest as a potential retailer, please Contact Us Below to start the discussion.